A coffee bond that lingers

A coffee bond that lingers
I don't know much about the rest of the country, but Delhi, for a long time now, has been missing out on good coffee. Be it espresso, latte or cappuccino; it has become quite hard to get that flavourful cup of joe to beat your morning or the whole days' woes. But that is not the case anymore. Recently, I came across a quaint café called 'Coffee Bond' and it serves the purest, gratifying coffee in the Capital.
I have been to a lot of local shops and big brands to try out their flavours and quality of coffee beans, but quite frankly, none have been able to match up to my expectations. Those Rs 10 pouch or the Rs 200 jars of coffee that are available in the market are, not mixed but, I would say, contaminated with other ingredients to make it taste less bitter. But what those brands do not understand is that their methods are stripping the coffee off of its real flavour.
Rahul Gidwani, the co-founder of
'Coffee Bond' also agrees that the coffee available in India is nothing compared to what one gets in first world countries. All it took was one sip of black coffee from Melbourne and he knew that he had to do something about it. The same happened to me when I went to this place and ordered a regular cup of black coffee. A perfect aroma and consistency engulfed me as I savoured that Popayan Cincuenta (coffee beans originating in Colombia) coffee.
What makes their coffee special is that these people are not compromising on their quality of coffee beans brought from Australia, Belgium and some parts of India. Hence, their Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, mocha, espresso tonic and every other coffee based item is top-notch – flavourful, consistent and balanced. Apart from the machine-made coffees, their manual brews are not to be missed. At a price, which does not go beyond Rs 200, 'Coffee Bond' can give the big shots in this industry a tough competition because anyone would prefer having a single satisfying cup of joe instead of five cups that won't even wake them up from their slumber.
This picturesque place is in every sense a café (unlike those which serve everything and call themselves café for namesake). Their food pairs well with the coffee. A latte with their not too sweet and spongy, peanut butter waffle is a delight.
It's not just coffee that they serve; you can also have light whole leaves tea, some surprising smoothies, and hot chocolate. Mix and match these drinks with spaghetti marinara (spaghetti served with homemade tomato sauce, roasted garlic, basil, and oregano), wonder omelette (omelette with goat cheese, roasted walnuts, and spinach), and fettuccine (spaghetti served with lots of garlic, fresh ginger sauce and EVOO). If you want to make your own coffee, enroll yourself in their brewing sessions and learn how to make that crème de la crème coffee at home. 'Coffee Bond' is worth a try for anyone who is tired of searching for a taste that devours them and if it doesn't go that well, just abide by what Cassandra Clare has said, "As long as there is coffee in the world, how bad could things be?"
Shreya Das

Shreya Das

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