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5 PM Snacking? Choose wisely!

Mumbai: Till the recent past only the health enthusiasts consumed protein rich diet, however, the growing awareness about diseases caused due to protein deficiency have added significantly in the consumption of protein dense food by the masses. A working professional with a hectic lifestyle, will hardly have time to prepare a protein-rich snack. That's when munching on a protein snack can be a wise choice. It not only saves your time planning, buying and cooking a protein sufficient meal but it proves to be a healthy bet. As most protein chips don't have a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, one needs to be smart while picking up the right protein chips.

RiteBite Max Protein brings to you a range of healthy, handy and delicious protein power snacks that fuel you with sustained energy, and has no preservatives and artificial sweeteners. RiteBite Max Protein chips is a power snack that provides protein by blending seven ingredients (Jowar, Quinoa, Ragi, Whole grain oats) super grains and (Soya, Urad and Chick peas) pulses which provides sustained energy for a longer period.This 60 g gluten-and-guilt- free wholesome snack provides 10 g protein, 4 g fibre and has a low glycemic index i.e. it has no white carbs like rice, corn, potato or wheat which tend to spike up bloodsugar levels and cause it to drop rapidly making one feel tired. RiteBite protein chips has 35% lesser fat compared to other traditional namkeens, making it just the perfect, tasty, 5 pm snack to satisfy savoury cravings.

Today with a family of crunchy snacks, that is healthy, handy, tasty and wholesome, Mr. Vijay Uttarwar, the Managing Director, avers that, "Consumers should never compromise on taste for nutrition. One's taste palate and nutritional needs should go hand in hand and at RiteBite we have kept all these factors in mind while the recipe for chips was in progress. RiteBite protein chips proves that guilt-free, crave-worthy indulgence is possible. Our products are available in 10,000 outlets and we intend to reach a target of 20,000 outlets by the end of this fiscal."

One should be aware of the 'RITE' protein chips! RiteBite Max Protein offers a wide range of 'Power Snacks' that help consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle and boost up their energy level. The company's focus has always been on providing tasty and healthy, protein and fibre rich products in innovative formats which help in hunger satisfaction and keep a check on cravings.

One can pick and choose any healthy chips from the range of protein chips like: Cheese Jalapeno, Spanish Tomato, PeriPeri, Chinese Manchurian, Salt and Pepper, Desi Masala, Cream and Onion.

So next time you want to snack, remember to POWER SNACK!

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