3D touch to hairstyling

Keeping millennials in mind, Hair Drama Company, an aesthetic fashion forward brand is moving on to digitalised ways to make hair accessories .

3D touch to hairstyling
Women don't need any specific reason to decorate their hair. And sometimes, we just need a little personal touch to exude our emotions and rock, wherever we go.
Priyanka Sanghi is a young entrepreneur who created an extremely niche, aesthetic and fashion forward brand in 2015 to cater to the demand of distinct women across the globe. Hair Drama Company specializes in hair accessories, hair products and hair fashion services. The inspiration for the brand comes from the rich and powerful history of headpieces. The brand brings out the nostalgia of old world headwear charm but is designed with modern form and function.
Priyanka has creatively interwoven technology into her brand. Coming from a background of a prominent telecom and IT business set up, she has been a part of many tech-oriented projects. She has specifically spearheaded the launch of IPTV/ Mobile TV business of HFCL group of companies. Her bent and passion for technology emanate from there, and that is why she has been able to capitalize on technology for her hair fashion brand. And her business skills stems from her educational background of Masters in Finance from Warwick Business School, UK.
Hair Drama Company creates and sells unique and trendy hair products at affordable prices. It is a brand rooted in hair fashion and forever on the forefront of the latest trends. All the products are conceptualized in London by designers who specialize in hair jewellery. The product list is constantly increasing in order to provide every accessory or product required by women to effortlessly style their hair. And as a company, they are always looking to optimize processes and digitize production to be able to stand in this highly competitive industry.
In that spirit, they have recently introduced a 3D printed collection. The brainchild behind this company, Priyanka explains, "The reason we have done this is to serve the needs of our Gen-Z customers or as the world calls them 'the millennials'. The customers of this generation are not looking to buy products just because they are endorsed by somebody. They are looking to buy an experience, how that piece of fashion or accessory makes them feel plays a big role in the decision to buy."
She further adds, "As a brand, there are three things we look to achieve from this format of digitization of the production line:
Unique products: Due to the technical capabilities of a 3D printer, we can produce highly intricate designs that are unique to each buyer. Every product can be personalized with a name, date or we can make a completely new design that the customer would like to buy. Since it has to be just changed in the computer and printed, the time of delivery can be as short as two days.
Quick production: Due to 3D printing, we have the advantage of introducing a product in the market in a very short time. The go-to-market goes down drastically, being unable to introduce new collection at a much faster rate. The process of making a piece is much lower as the layers of production are reduced to maximum two or three days, including design. So, the product could hit the market really quickly to leverage an ongoing trend or fad. The cost advantage is not so much yet, but in near future, 3D printing is going to become more economical.
The advantage over large players: The most important reason why we are starting to use 3D printing technology is to compete with larger players in the accessories market. Today any fashion industry is run on higher order quantities to the factories for raw material or for final goods. Sourcing is done primarily on the basis of higher MOQs. But smaller and newer brands like ours are unable to match those quantities and therefore suffer from a higher cost of sourcing. To come out of this deadlock and be able to create good quality and price competitive products we decided to remove the layer of sourcing completely. It has opened up huge avenues for us to be able to create unique pieces that look gorgeous and are affordable as well."
Hair Drama Company is always in the process of innovating new and next-gen products and services. And in that context, they are introducing a line of private label hair products which would be first of its kind in the hair fashion space.
"As a part of service offering to our customers, we plan to launch a chain of pop-up hair bars in shopping malls and music festivals. This will allow the shoppers to experience Hair Drama Company's hair makeovers in as short as 10 minutes. The pilot projects for Pop-up Hair Bars are ongoing and very soon we will be able to come up with these in various malls of Delhi," said Priyanka.
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