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Father gets life for raping minor

A man has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Delhi court for raping his nine-year-old daughter in an inebriated state.

The court, while holding 32-year-old Delhi resident Ganga Sahay guilty of raping his daughter, said he had not only committed ‘incest’ rape but as the minor was in his custody, he has also committed a ‘custodial’ rape.

Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau also directed the Delhi Government to pay a compensation of Rs two lakh under the Restorative and Compensatory Justice scheme to the girl, keeping in view her physical and psychological condition as she was admitted in hospital for five days after the incident.

According to the police, the incident took place in May this year when Sahay, a rickshaw puller, came to his house in north-west Delhi in an inebriated condition and saw all his five children sleeping while his wife had gone to work. Sahay then raped his minor daughter, who was rescued by the landlord who had rushed to the house of the accused at a different floor of the building after hearing the child’s screams, it said.

The landlord then informed the police and the minor’s mother and also took the injured child to the hospital.

Sahay sought leniency in sentencing on the ground that he was illiterate and had to support his family.

The court, however, refused to show leniency saying he first raped his own daughter and then tried to shift the blame on his landlord, who had saved the girl from his clutches, by alleging that his wife was into a relationship with the landlord and they had falsely implicated him in the case.

‘The depravity of Sahay is not only confined to the post sexual assault of his child but gets compounded by the fact that he without any remorse in order to hide his sins tried to shift the blame on a good samaritan who had intervened to save the child and in doing so, he did not even spare his own wife.
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