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Farmers being misled on land law: Modi

Farmers being misled on land law: Modi
With a combined Opposition aggressively campaigning against the Bill, Modi reached out to farmers, telling them that “lies” are being spread over the measure for “political reasons” to create confusion.
“If states have objection to amendments in Land Acquisition Bill, they can continue with the old law,” Modi said. Modi even said there were some “lacunae” in the Land Act of 2013 “as it was enacted in a hurry” and these are being addressed while protecting the interests of farmers and villages.
Specifically referring to the consent clause issue, he said misinformation is being spread for “political reasons”.

During the 30-minute programme, he underlined that the new bill being brought by his government has the same compensation provisions as in the 2013 Act and emphatically rejected that the new measure was aimed at benefiting the corporates.

Modi added that the UPA government had passed the 2013 legislation in haste and it had many flaws which the NDA government has tried to rectify. He said the government has brought 13 legislations under the purview of the Bill which was exempted in the previous law.

“The provision which provided compensation four times of the market value has not been touched. The farmers will get 20 per cent of the developed land in case of acquisition for urbanisation.
Provisions have also been made to give employment to the family whose land has been acquired and also to family members of labourers dependent on the land”, he added. He also told farmers that first of all; available government land will be used followed by barren plots. He made it clear that fertile land will be acquired only as a last resort.

He further asserted that the consent of the farmers will be mandatory for acquiring land for the purpose of private industries, and corporates. However, in case of Private Public Partnership, PPP model, the consent clause will not be applicable as the ownership remains with the government.
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