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Family Matters

Family Matters
My wife is always busy with her kitty parties and social life. How to make her understand the importance of family. Please guide.
V. Nair, New Delhi

As a husband you have to put your expectation list across in the most expressive manner possible. If all your efforts have failed, you can try to include a senior member who can probably explain to your wife too. Sometimes what we demand is ignored by the other as we take each other for granted. Try to understand her as well. Good luck.

My brother in law misbehaves with me and my husband is always silent. What should I do? He's much older than us.
Mrs. R. Singh, Haryana

There is probably nothing much to do. If he is senior member of the family and your husband has chosen the route of silence, the best you can do is ignore. It might be difficult but in this situation, to retain your mental peace, please ignore.

I have been dating a guy for last 3 years but he hasn't introduced me to his parents yet. Everytime he makes some excuse to avoid.
Name Unknown

Why don't you give him a time frame and put your mind across to him in a clear fashion? Give him an ultimatum that if he ignores this very important aspect, you will choose to give the relationship a break. Assuming you both are adults, this is indeed a bit strange. Meeting the family is also a very important. Best of luck.

I don't want to marry. I'm scared of the commitment. Is something wrong with me?
Pooja, Kolkata

Not at all. I know too many single, eligible and settled women who do not want to marry. Marriage isn't something that is mandatory. It's your decision. Whatever you want to do, is your choice. Be happy.

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