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Fame of the discarded

Fame of the discarded
Head over for this unique show at Art Alive Gallery that brings the exhibition Devi that displays weaved discarded materials into magnificent sculptures and installations by sculptor Narayan Sinha. 
Devi is the female manifestation of the divine or the supreme lord of the Hindus. Sinha, through his sculptures and installations,  showcases that every woman is an avatar of the supreme goddess in one sense or the other. Devi is his ode to womanhood, a tribute to her internal and external beauty, her compassion and her strength that has always inspired him.

The show is a spectacle of the artiste’s creativity and simulating imagination. The artiste has depicted the strong bond between craft and fine arts. The sculptures made of automobile parts, utensils, latches, locks, keys, pipes, boxes, wood, nuts and metal scraps tell a story of the life of every woman, which resonates with all cultures. 

The story has a universal and modern language that puts a light on the dichotomy between the simplicity and purity of her soul and the complexity and struggle of her life.

Founded in 2001 by Sunaina Anand, Art Alive Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Indian art. Since its inception, the gallery has effectively carved its own position in the art world through innovatively curated shows, critically-edged catalogues and other interdisciplinary events. It aspires to build visually and aesthetically active visual experience and contribute to the growth of Indian Art. The gallery has been actively publishing books on Indian art as well. 

When: 29 August to 29 September
Where: Art Alive Gallery, The Oberoi, Gurgaon
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