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Faith and its colour elements

Faith and its colour elements
The concern and contemplation on multiple aspects related to Mother Nature get expressed by works of Artist Uma Bardhan. She weaves her protagonists, Hindu God and Goddess, women, birds and other natural elements into visual thoughts, into strokes of spirituality as one breathe in the colours, flow with the textures and soak in the spirit of mother nature. The works are on display at the show Silk Route  - a journey from Bengal to Delhi from March 1- 30 at Gurgaon.

Born in 1945 , Bardhan originally from Kolkata, currently based in Gurgaon specialises in figurative paintings, landscapes in water colour on silk, oil on canvas and water mixable oil on canvas.

She is one of a very few artist who uses a rare medium - water colour on silk. A painstaking process where a special silk cloth is mounted on board before it can be used for painting.

She started painting from her early 20s. Her mastery over this art form is evident considering she spends 5 to 6 hours a day with her paintings.

Among experiences she treasures most was the coveted first prize in water colour from Govt of West Bengal among others she has received throughout her career.

One look at Uma Bardhan’s realistic works at her studio in Gurgaon mostly done in soothing colours easily catches the attention of art lover. What is more fascinating about her is dedication to learn different mediums of art and making them unique by sharing a different story in each of them. At 69 there is no stopping for her.

“God is the supreme creator of this universe and i as an artist take extreme pleasure in reflecting his creation in their actual form” says artist Uma Bardhan. A look through her works reveals only one thing i.e. versatility. From nature landscapes to figurative to divine and to abstract covering different mediums is truly a joy to watch. Bardhan, whose repertoire includes nature scapes, Indian mythology and city life, got drawn to spiritual art in the later part of her career.

Her paintings are an expression of her inner self, an expression of joy and epitome of creative energy. Besides representing nature bathed in bounteous colours , there is also an expression at the lives of women at rural Bengal . Being spiritual at heart Hindu God & Goddess always remains as part of her theme.

When: March 1 – 30
Where: Beanstalk, Gurgaon
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