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Failure on repeated bids to withdraw money drives woman to slit wrist

The residents and shopkeepers of Delhi’s Jamia Nagar area were thrown into a tizzy when a woman in her 20s allegedly slit her wrist,  unable to bear the trauma of standing in long queues outside the bank. A high voltage drama unfolded following which the cops present in the bank rushed her to the hospital.

“The woman cut her wrist when despite standing for hours she could not make it inside the bank. On Saturday, the servers were down in the morning. The woman had visited the bank several times to withdraw money but lost her cool as she was unable to get cash after repeated attempts,” said a local shopkeeper of the area whose shop is just adjacent to the State Bank in Zakir Nagar area. 

Another shopkeeper from the area took the reporter to show the grill that the woman climbed while shouting and yelling at the top of her voice. 

“She stood there holding those grills. There was a huge crowd and the woman stood there shouting. She was pushed back in the line and was annoyed. People asked her to calm down but she wasn’t listening. The police officer came and took her to the hospital,” a worker in a nearby shop described the whole incident even showing the reporter the spot where the incident happened.

The policeman on duty at the State Bank of India branch in Zakir Nagar confirmed the incident. 

“She came again on Monday with her father and we took her to the bank. She had a bandage on her wrist. Her father has a tailor shop in old Delhi,” says a local resident of the area.

The State Bank branch is situated just at the start of Zakir Nagar at a steep slope in Jamia Nagar in South-east Delhi.

When the police was contacted, a senior cop said no such incident was formally reported to the police. 
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