Facebook reveals changing parenting habits of millennials globally

Facebook reveals changing parenting habits of millennials globally
A new Facebook survey has revealed the changing parenting habits globally as mobile-first millennials (those born after 1980) are becoming parents and bringing their tech-savvy ways in nurturing their offspring.

While 83 per cent of parents globally describe their family as loving and 77 per cent say their family is happy, coupled with that optimism are heightened daily-life stressors as well.

"Nearly 48 per cent of parents say they are concerned about money while 39 per cent say they are time-crunched," says the survey conducted by Facebook IQ, a consumer research programme from the social networking giant.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of modern parenting, Facebook IQ embarked on a multi-phased research study of 25-65 year old parents of infants, toddlers, adolescents and teenagers around the world.

"Collectively, we gathered feedback from 8,300 parents and five parenting experts,a Facebook IQ said in a blog post.

By observing new parents' behaviour on Facebook, the team found that parents globally spend 1.3X more time on Facebook mobile than non-parents. 


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