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‘Extra beds to Ambedkar Nagar hospital, cheaper facilities’

The announcement for the much-delayed works in Ambedkar Nagar hospital was made as early as 2010. The hospital is being built on a 2.47 acre plot.

“The under-construction hospital presently has provisions for 262 beds, with the construction cost mounting to Rs 117 crore. The average cost of each bed is around Rs 45 lakh. When we reviewed the hospital, which is designed by a private company, we found a lot of space not being utilised
properly,” Health Minister Satyendra Jain said, while addressing a press conference here.

According to government officials, rooms for doctors and officials were unnecessarily spacious.
“We revisited the facility and redesigned it. Now the same hospital will have a total of 600 beds, as we have managed to make space for an additional 338 beds. The cost of the additional beds is adding up to Rs 45 crore, with an average of Rs 13 lakh per bed.

“In other words, we are making another hospital with 338 beds within the same area, costing Rs 45 crore,” Jain said.

The Health Minister also said that they have managed to reduce the capital cost of the hospital and efforts will be made to reduce the running cost too, adding, that in last 60 years, the government has made provisions for 10,600 beds.

“Our priority is to give medical facilities to the residents of the city. In the next five years, we will take that number to 40,000, which we have also mentioned in our manifesto,” Jain explained.

The Delhi Government will also review and redesign all the health facilities of the Capital. All the projects in planning stage will be reviewed on the basis of design efficiency, the minister said.

“Earlier, there was nobody to check the efficiency of the hospitals, but we will from now, keep a track of the competence of all hospitals and will provide better services than private hospitals at a much
cheaper cost. We have a large scale of work, so we can do it economically,” Jain said.
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