Expressive Art

Expressive Art
An artist feels at ease when his thoughts get imprinted on the canvas but he isn’t satisfied until his thoughts are expressed through his canvas and is conveyed to the viewers. An array of mesmerising art works by talented artists, organised by Kolor Tandav, will be held from March 12-15 at The Open Palm Court Gallery of India Habitat Centre in the national Capital. This is the fifth curatorial venture of Radha Kumar as an artist, who has also been promoting other artists to showcase their works. 

The aim of this exhibition is to deliver an aesthetic experience to the viewer which is fresh, diverse and at the same time exciting to the soul. The human impulse to create art is universal giving the artist the scope to express his or her beliefs and ideas.

As a spectator one would stagger at the vast range of possibilities that this show offers like the varied and contrasting intensities the artists feel and an array of colours which they use to express that feeling without hurting the sensibilities of the viewer. 

The works of each of these artists are very different, each with their own distinct impressions yet in a way similar. The works represent how each artist perceives nature, spirituality or just the way they experience the feelings, colours and shapes around them by capturing the spirit using their imagination to showcase in their works, be it a doodle or the powerful eyes of the lens.  

This exhibition gives the viewer the experience of engaging with an art work on a personal level. 

The viewer can observe, absorb and assemble these feelings into thoughts and perceptions. It is a mere gesture to celebrate all forms of art and to ensure that the viewer is left asking for 
more and more such experience. 

The works are fabulous and the viewer would not hesitate to pick up at least one artwork.


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