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Expressions etched on canvas

Expressions etched on canvas
Art has always been a medium to express love and longing. Immortalised on canvas or as sculptors in metal, feelings and expressions attain tangibility and immortality. 

An exhibition entitled Expressions Of.... in the Capital is an attempt to bring myriad shades of life. All four artists believe that true creativity requires a willingness to play with raw materials, whether those materials are words, paint, clay, glass, fiber and more.

According to artist Shruti Vij, whose source of creativity is fuelled by many things such as travel,personal transformation, textiles and all things colourful; the biggest source of inspiration is investigating her own life. She digs underneath the surface , the spaces and places that are not seen but felt, that have no words....the spiritual aspects of life. Her exquisite artworks are mainly in acrylics but she also loves to work with mixed media.

Whereas artist Ravneet Kaur finds inspiration from nature. She is fascinated by relationships in everyday life. Her artworks, mainly figurative, depict expressions, emotions and various variations of human existence . The works are simply beautiful, not complicated and are easy to understand. She uses oils as her medium.

Artist Ritika Chopra's artworks are mainly devotional and to a certain extent they also depict unconditional love. She draws her inspiration from teachings of various religions and sacred books.Her intricate glassworks are very interesting ...a treat to the eyes. You can also see her works with oils acrylics and mixed media.

Sculptor Sangita Marwah's works are semi- realistic with an intense introspection of human emotions and feelings .She is inspired by her positive outlook towards life coupled with a spiritual bled of mind. She works mainly with fibre and bronze. Her thought provoking and lovely sculptures evoke honesty and deep feelings to connect with.`
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