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Exposing false godmen

The Lucknow police has done well to have filed a first information report against Nirmal Baba, charging him with cheating, fraud and impersonation under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. Nirmal Baba is not the first godman to live a public life claiming mystic abilities and mysterious healing powers, including the abilty to scan devotees long distance. The case against Nirmal baba is strong. Like many other fake godmen, this former businessman charges a hefty fee for his services. He is among the more enterprising of them and the more blatant, for he runs a television programme, advertises, has followers on Facebook and has done so enormously profitably from his devotees that he owns expensive property that includes hotels. His successes in counselling his victims are dubious and there are many cases of fraud against him.  

Though this paper believes in rationality and science it recognises that there may well be forces and powers in the world as yet unexplored by science, though which may come under its scanner one day. There may well be something like true spirituality or that their may be people who have exceptional abilities. But for any one genuine mystic, there are dozens of false babas and godmen who claim a fake spiritual insight. They are not like people who may have genuine mystic abilities abilities and who live isolated lives, rarely charging for helping others. The fake godman recognises a business opportunity in people’s need and gullibility and takes advantage of their blind faith. There are many such gurus posing as astrologers or faith-healers, thriving with unholy glee on the holy faith of others.

There are scores of godmen and godwomen in India belonging to various religions and castes who exploit people in such a way. In doing so, they are not only breaking the law but they are living like parasites on society. It is time, therefore, society took cognisance of their activities, as they have done in the case of Nirmal Baba, and exposes them.
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