Exploring urban cooking

Exploring urban cooking
Chef Prem K Pogakula- Executive Sous Chef, The Imperial New Delhi discusses the food trends of the upcoming year:

Many customers have switched over to healthy and natural food (pesticide free) today as far as new trends in dining out. Whatever the science says, many consumers have made up their minds that there should be no genetic tinkering with their food since many crops have been modified to boost productivity. People are always on the lookout for wellness alternatives in their food. Priority is given to GMO (genetically modified organism) free ingredients now-a-days and things will become more intense in the coming years.

With time crunch in hand and both the partners working in a nuclear family scenario, ‘Cook-Less’ meals are to be looked forward to which can also be termed as ‘Urban cooking’.

Food is now becoming a highly rated genre, food connoisseurs are always on the lookout for vintage, forgotten and classic global recipes as they possess simple flavours. Many people prefer them over fusion cuisine, which is still somehow a matter of confusion and needs to evolve. Basically experimented cuisine calls for fusion food on your platter. It can never replace the classic cuisine.

In recent times, the new FSSAI regulations have been imposing a lot of restrictions on imported ingredients, which proved challenging to the chefs. Owing to that, most chefs are curating menus with the locally available ingredients because sourcing imported essentials or a brand is becoming increasingly difficult. Ways to look out for local ingredients are being preferred now as they are consistently available and are good in flavours too.

The dining scenario in the city is in for a change in the coming year. Experiments are still on while old and lost cuisines are being re-discovered. Food memories specifically offer a magical feeling, transporting you back to a specific time through food. Chefs are taking this concept quite seriously now and are researching hard to bring back home the age-old flavours so as to give a nostalgic feeling. Moreover, lost tribal recipes are also in the process of being explored to a great extent.

The signature old and lost cooking techniques are of great significance as well. The succeeding year will see a revival of old classic signature cooking techniques, rethinking natural, and whole food nutrition. In addition to this, days are not far when chefs would explore new techniques of cooking with cannabis as it contains many health benefits too.


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