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Exploring the different approaches to art

Exploring the  different  approaches to art
The show titled Prarambh will showcase the works of over two hundred budding artistes from across the country. It will feature nearly 350 artworks in mediums like - drawing, painting, printmaking, illustrations, digital art, sculpture, photography, installation, new media and mix media.

One of the participating artistes, Vasundhara Anand, final year student of MFA at College of Art, New Delhi says, ‘My dreams are the backbone of my artwork. Printmaking due to its nature of vast experimentation has become my way to express feelings and surprisingly, sometimes to discover them.’ Her work titled Somatic Escalation is a pure celebration of grandness and magic of our conscious and unconscious mind. Another work titled Rising Above the Void depicts the effortless transition into the unknown realm.

Ankita Singh says about her work titled Body in Question, ‘The work depicts how the so called saints or godly figures take advantage of the people’s faith in them.’

Lubna Sen, Co-founder, The Art Route said, ‘Our vision is to create a vibrant artistic environment through a continuous exchange of ideas between communities of different backgrounds. We want to build a platform where artistes and individuals from different cultures, geographies and disciplines meet and explore different approaches to the creation of art.’

Amit Rajan Verma, says about his acrylics titled Animal Nature In Society, ‘I have used the animal form to represent my entire concept. Just as human needs several material things for survival, even animals have their desires.’ Samiksha’s acrylic on canvas titled Dream Landscape of Rag pickers deals with the imaginative world of rag pickers who create an illusion of a magical life for themselves. Rishi Kochar says about his work titled The Other Side, ‘This is a calm morning in the Kashmir Valley, the sun emerging from behind the snowcapped mountains. The electric cables are symbolic of how far we have stretched into the heavenly abode. Another photographer in the group Moksh Krishnan beautifully captures a young child’s first step into his religion and life through the festivities at Jama Masjid.

Ujjwal Ankur, Co-founder, The Art Route says, ‘Prarambh will be a platform for young students of visual arts to showcase their talent and receive real market exposure. It will provide them hands-on practical experience and prepare them for their future career. 

Students will have the opportunity to receive critical feedback of their art from peers, experts and public. Through the works of their contemporaries, they will be exposed to a different approaches and philosophies in art.

When: 9-12 October
Where: IGNCA, Rajpath Road Area, Central Secretariat
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