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Exploring the dark

Misc-en-scene artist Vishal Dar transforms the expansive 4,000 sq ft of klove studio into a surreal, meditative and uncanny space at the ongoing exhibition Darkless that commenced on February 14. 

In a retrospective that captures the milestones of their design practice, klove designers, Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth create five installations using their signature forms showcased with a new perspective with an exploration of light through the lens of ace photographer Tarun Khiwal. The designers state, “Charcoal and lilac Artichoke soars up to meet the ceiling and rushing down to embrace the ground. Boond is suspended in a mirrored void. Mid Century Modern structured forms explore different dimensions from asteroids to spirals and grasshopper lights. With reflective floor and ceiling, you do not experience just light but a dimension of space. And the void in between.” Dar said, “ Light hides in silence and in the darkless. Klove celebrates a decade of design. Their journey has just begun. The fledgling studio has emerged out of its nest. I have conceived this exhibition much like a dreamy film set, it’s a place imagined as a darkless void filled with ghostly reflections of curious light objects. This place is meditative and sinister at the same time, much like a forest in the night.

An exploration of light comes alive through the lens of  ace photographer Tarun Khiwal. 
He says, “In this exhibition I have undertaken a spiritual journey to reveal the primacy of light in Being, to remind myself, by looking deeply, that I am nothing more than a conscious vibration of light.”

When: On till March 15 
Venue: At Klove studio, Green Park 
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