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Excise dept officers demolish many hooch dens in N 24 Parganas

Officers of the state excise department raided hooch dens in North 24 Parganas Haroa on Sunday morning and demolished at least several dens there. The officers destroyed containers and raw material – jaggery,molasses, yeast and other things kept there. The villagers of Uchildaha and Garkoyati joined hands with the officers who destroyed those dens.

“We had complained to District Magistrate of North 24 Parganas. We are thankful to the government. It was really necessary,” said a villager.

Local anti-socials were involved in the selling and manufacturing of adulterated liquor in the district, police believe. “We are also conducting raids to book those anti-socials,” a district police officer said.

It may be recalled that a mob had damaged illegal liquor den at Deganga in North 24 Parganas and set containers of the liquor on fire a few weeks ago.

Hundreds of villagers assembled at a place in the village after a person passed lewd comments at a girl who was returning from her maternal uncle’s house. Later, the villagers came to know that the person, who had passed the lewd comments, was returning after consuming alcohol in the den run by Prabodh Ghosh. They raided the den and found some people taking hooch.

Everyone fled realising that the villagers would attack the den. But the villagers caught the owner and started beating him up. The people were carrying bamboo sticks and logs.

They damaged the den situated in their village as it had been causing trouble for the past few years. The owner of the den used to flee whenever police used to conduct raids in the den. The police had seized illegal liquor quite a few times from there. But Prabodh used to set up the dens again after 10 to 15 days of the raid. The villagers set the containers of the illegal liquor on fire and continued beating up Prabodh till he fell on the ground.
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