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Evolution of the soul

Evolution of  the soul
Every artist brings with their art work some kind of evolution.  Dinesh Singh and Suresh Parihar too tries to bring  the same in their works. Mulk Raj Anand Centre in the Capital’s Hauz Khas Village’s Lokayata is presenting the works of these two artistes titled An approach to evolution.  

The exhibition will go on from January 9-15 and will be inaugurated by Uma Jain on January 9.
 From the very concept of the theme  to its completion the painting and sculpture exhibition is  evolution of thought pattern connecting to the reality of  the nature as well as in social life. The soul catching  events  in the social life and the life of nature ultimately becomes the master pieces of these artists. It is a strong passion from deep within which expresses in  an explosion in solid materials and vibrant colors  and that too in the unique way.

Dinesh Singh  Khundrakpam hails from Manipur, Bishnupur, and is presently working in Mumbai from past 10 years, engaged  in creative  sculpture, participating in various solo and group exhibitions. From Childhood he has shown keen interest in creative ideas which is always innovative  concepts which he has acquired mostly from self study and passionate interest. He has completed Bachelors degree from Indra kala  Sangeet university in Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh. His sculptures are sold to United states ,  Nigeria and in India Mumbai ,Delhi , Kolkata, and Goa. The materials  which are used by the artist are long lasting  and good quality metal such as, brass, steel and bronze.

Suresh Pariha was born in 1970 in Rajasthan. He began his journey of art from childhood. He is a self taught artist; had his first solo at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1992.

Suresh’s acrylic on canvases are abstractions of interior and exterior landscapes. In them a fair degree of surface is generated by bold sweeping striations of color. 

The light and fine texturing is achieved with brush, knife and roller. The large and small rollers he uses and the varied pressure he exerts on them create the softer textures that he interweaves into the abstract landscapes. We feel the squelch of wet earth, smells its red blue color, listen to the ineffable blueness of a noon day sky. Each sensation, heightened, synesthetic and synchronous, 
is held in abstract suspension as he painting becomes the still point for a meditations, transparent veil before the mystery.

When: January 9 to 15 
Where: Lokayata, Mulk Raj Anand Center, Hauz Khas Village
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