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‘Every story has to be retold’

‘Every story has to be retold’
How did you start writing? Did you always want to write?
It was the passion to be a story teller that pushed me into writing. I have always believed that words make the best impact in a person’s life, I felt its one of the most simplest way to contribute to the society. Also being an entrepreneur induces a spirit to pursue dreams.  
How did the idea of the book come to you?
Actually, the story began while trying to fit mythology into the head of a current gen kid. While narrating a dramatic tale, I began to think for making it as a script / screen play. Eventually felt the book will give me more flexibility to write my views.
How and why did you pick Ramayana?
The story is not the Ramayana, it uses the epic to convey a lateral plot that is hidden from the common eye.
How much truth or fiction is there in the legend of the crystal and the connection to the epic? 
Crystals are no strangers to humans, especially in India. Our deities to the British invaders, have fought for them. India was a very rich country, it had several treasures. Be it the syamantaka gem or the kohinoor, our flirtation with the gems and crystals is as old as the nation itself. Some of these treasures have been looted or stolen, the epic goes behind a few of those which rightfully belong to the nation. What the crystal is, would be an ‘aha’ moment over the trilogy. In the end, it will all be connected. 
How does the story pan out after the first book? Does is stray from the original epic or does it remain faithful?
The story begins deviating from the second half of Book I. And as it reaches book III, it shows something what we have not thought about. The goal is to have the reader wonder, question and think if they have been led to systematically believe something far. That is the impact I hope to present.
Have you taken liberties in character formations? If so why...and how do you think your readers will react to it (or how have the reacted to it already)? 
Yes, each character seen from the protagonist view makes a big difference in their treatment. As this is a lateral story, it falls into the larger trilogy. So far the reviews have welcomed the changes to the fable.
Why do you think the legend of Ram and Lakshman needed to be retold/recreated?
It's not just the story of Ram & Lakshman, I believe every story has to be retold. That’s the way stories evolve. Currently much of the younger gen reads western fantasy, it’s the duty of Indian writers to get them back to the Indian fold. Many stories of the west adapt Indian myth concepts and deploy them successfully into riveting tales. Our tales have inspired many and have such profound meaning that it is the nation’s duty to reinstate it to the glorious past. If our stories need to survive the western onslaught, and have an audience in this nation they must evolve from slow moving static chariots and lengthy dialogues to a fast paced futuristic action. Indian mythology, is so beautiful and intense that it’s easy to add science into it. I believe these epics must be seen with a view to the future than to making them more historic past. Futuristic imagination must be kindled using stories helping younger gen kids innovate and place India on top of the world, yet again!
What inspired you?
My daughter has quite inspired me a lot, other than that, mostly its Indian culture, history and beauty that inspires me.
What projects are you planning next?
I am working on a historical thriller with a message based on the Mahmud of Ghazni’s invasion.
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