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‘Every role I do is my dream role’

What is your role in Ishk Actually?
My role is of a wealthy cold emotionless business-man (Kabir), who doesn’t understand love and is awkward with personal relationships although he is super successful as a tycoon.

How has the journey in Bollywood been so far?
It’s been a wonderful learning experience so far, humbling to say the least.

How did Bollywood come calling to you?
Bollywood came through my advertising commercial that I had done for   Limca by Ravi Udyawar. It was after that, I was called for Pyaar ka Punchnama audition and I got through.

The look you had in Pyar ka Punchnama was quite bold. What convinced you for such a role?

I am most keen to fit into the character that has been visualised by the writer/director, so if it’s part of my character sketch I am ok to go even bald not just bold.

Any dream role you want to be a part of?
Both the roles that I have done are dream roles for me, considering the stage I am at.   

Any actor/actress you would like to work with in future?
I am open to work with anyone who would be suitable to the project.

You have not really experimented with mainstream cinema. Any game plan in mind?

I believe cinema is cinema, at best they are categorised under genres,  I don’t adhere to any other generalising vocabulary,  mere liye film film hi hain. 

How difficult is it to survive in Bollywood and make a mark in this industry without a Godfather?
It is difficult in any industry to start on your own. Even schools colleges etc nowadays ask for recommendations, funds, or donations. So why categorize only Bollywood.

What are the major challenges you face as an actor?
The major challenges you face are industry connections and money.

If not an actor, what other choice would you have made for yourself?
If not an actor, I would have been a musician.
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