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Even 3D cannot save this one

Let’s be honest. When it comes to genre- based movies — compared to Hollywood, Bollywood has a capacity to carve a niche of its own with the classic Hindi movie cliches, the idiosyncracies and the larger than life aura of the production. Action, well! We have the Rohit Shettys and the Prabhu Devas stepping up the game. Romance has been Karan Johar’s and Yash Chopra’s forte. But when the time came for horror – even before Ram Gopal Varma lost the plot and started churning out semi-decent hack jobs of shoddy horror movies, the Bhatt camp went ahead and completely spoiled the game.

Raaz – in its first two installments, perhaps was bearable.
Raaz 3
When Desire turns Evil, is a nagging pain. Even 3D cannot save the day.

Shanaya [Bipasha Basu] is a movie star who is losing her place in the celluloid space as new actors like Sanjana [Esha Gupta] sweep up awards. Prior to the biggest award function she goes to ask a priest what she could do to make all odds sway in her favour. While the priest assures that she has nothing to worry about, Shanaya doesn’t win ‘best actress’.

While Shanaya cannot fathom what possibly went wrong, in walks an old servant who tells her that when her gods let her down it is time to turn to other powers. And that is exactly what the actor does. In comes the forces of black magic. And in all this her accomplice is Aditya [Emraan Hashmi] — director and boyfriend.

Trite and clichéd? There is no other way to explain the plot and not give the loose twists away. Sanjana’s haunting shows an evil force which keeps her trapped with a chain around her feet [and you thought iron was a ghost repellent. Bhatt’s have not considered that]. She must be rescued and brought to light and while Aditya tries to handle the psychotic ex-girlfriend Shanaya, Sanjana goes through one nervous breakdown after another. Aditya must save the day.

The ‘horror’ scenes look like something out of the Zee Horror Show, buzzing insects in 3D and crawling maggots over a body is not scary. Bollywood just doesn’t seem to understand the difference between horror and gore. The evil spirit seems to have walked out of a very badly written RL Stine book, but then this is no Nightmare on Elm Street. And before you expect anything – guess what saves the day? Ganga Jal and lord Ganesh. We rest our case.

Bipasha looks incredible and dances, and acts a million times better than Esha. Emraan Hashmi seems to be hamming his lines. Even the kissing scenes look bad — especially in 3D. The background score and the soundtracks are not worth mention either.
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