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Ethiopia - Land of Contrasts

Ethiopia - Land of Contrasts
Ethiopia is a place where one can find the highest and most stunning places on the African continent, such as the rugged and jaggedly carved Simien Mountains, one of UNESCO's world heritage sites, to the depths of the Danakil Depression, at 120 meters below sea level one of the lowest dry land points on earth, with its sulphur fumaroles and lunar-like landscape and an active volcano. The corwnucopia of natural beauty that blesses Ethiopia offers an astonishing variety of landscapes: Afro-Alpine highlands soaring to around 4,300 meters, moors and mountains, the splendour of the Great Rift Valley, white-water rivers, Savannah teeming with game, giant waterfalls, dense and lush jungle... the list is endless.

Ethiopia's many national parks enable the visitor to enjoy the country's scenery and its wildlife, conserved in natural habitats, and offer opportunities for travel adventure, unparalleled anywhere else in Africa. The wildlife consists mainly of East African plain animals-  oryx, bat-eared fox, caracal, aardvark, colobus and green monkeys, Anubis and Hamadryas baboons, klipspringer, leopard, bushbuck, hippopotamus, Soemmerings gazelle, cheetah, lion, kudu and 450 species of bird all live within the park's 720 square kilometres area.

Places that need to be visited

The Simen Mountain National Park with its endemic animals like Galada Baboon, Walia Ibex, Red fox(Ethiopian Wolf) and different birds

Axum Obelisk: It was constructed 1,700 years ago from a single stone and has a height of 35 meter and weighs 500 tonnes

Yeha Temple: Oldest Sabean country temple

Lalibela Rock Hewn Church: A group of 11 monolithic churches built around the 10th century

River Blue Nile (locally known as Tisisat/ Abay River): This river is one of the largest rivers in Africa and originates from the high lands of Ethiopia

Gondar Castle/ Fasil Gibi: It was the seat of the Ethiopian kings in the 15th century and believed to be built by Indian architects at that time

Ethiopia is a mosaic of people with more than 80 languages, different lifestyles, costumes and cultural dances. People's livelihoods vary from pastoralists and farmers to factory workers, business people and academicians.

Ethiopian Airlines undertakes  daily flights from New Delhi and Mumbai. While it takes five and a half hours to reach Addis Ababa from the former, it takes four and a half hours to reach the Ethiopian capital from the latter. For Indian travelers visa on arrival service is available too. There are a number of luxury star designated and budget hotels with good continental and Indian food restaurants also.

Ethiopia has been called 'the land of Extremes'. Visit Ethiopia to create an experience of a lifetime!
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