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Why is Zendaya perceived as 'cold and mean' in H'wood?

Why is Zendaya perceived as cold and mean in Hwood?

In a recent interview with 'GQ', actor Zendaya opened up about being reserved as a kid and how that got changed and impacted her over the years.

"In this industry, I had to learn how to do small talk and without it, I would come off as cold and mean," shared 'The Greatest Showman' star.

She added, "When I started out, I did not know how to start conversations with people."

The 24-year-old 'Emmy Award' winner recalled: "There was an instance when my stylist had told me that I came off kind of cold. She also said 'People think you are mean because you do not talk', to which I said that I was just nervous and shy."

Zendaya also shared example of a brilliant game that helped her loosen up and said that she recently played a card-game 'We are not really strangers': "One of the questions that stayed with me was 'Which random compliment that strangers give you that makes you feel good?', to which I said that when people tell me that their kids are inspired by me and they feel proud of me, I feel exceptional."

Zendaya added that in those moments, all the fans turn into her relatives and those blessings really mean a lot to her and it leaves her with a feeling of not wanting to let anyone down.

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