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Why Chris opened up about his anxiety woes

Why Chris opened up about his anxiety woes

Bali: Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth says he feels more comfortable about showing his real self to the world now, and that is what propelled him to open up about his anxiety woes.

"I think the more comfortable I got just doing press in general over the years and interviews...You feel more comfortable about showing a bit more of yourself," Hemsworth said when asked about his decision to open up about his anxiety issues.

"But for me, it was a part of the journey and being able to talk about what I have learnt. I remember when I started acting, hearing Anthony Hopkins in an interview saying that he thinks that each job will be his last... I found great comfort in that. I was like, maybe there is something which brings anxiety and (is) just part of the process," he added.

Earlier this year, in an interview to an international magazine, the "Thor" star admitted that he has had his struggles with anxiety, saying "this is the truth to how I'm feeling and who I am, and I'm as vulnerable as anyone else".

In an interview while promoting his project Men in Black: International here, the actor opened up about his decision, and said he wants to use anxiety as a motivator instead of looking at it as a threat.

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