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'We were on the same page'

Gurmeet, Sanya on working with each other

We were on the same page

Living up to the fans' expectations, Arijit Singh and Mithoon have released another soulful song 'Intezaar' under VYRL Originals. Within six days of its release, the music video featuring Gurmeet Chaudhary and Sanaya Irani, has garnered more than 10 million views and is trending on YouTube.

Besides the engaging tune and beautiful lyrics, what's keeping the audience glued to the song is the on-screen chemistry between the artists and the amazing dance moves. But did everything go as smooth on the set as it appears on the screen?

Addressing the question, Gurmeet said, "Sanaya and I know each other for last 10 years, but unfortunately never got a chance to work together. So, when we came on board for 'Intezaar', we were no strangers. In fact, there was a certain level of understanding between us – while rehearsing and shooting for the video. There was never a moment when we got into arguments. I listened to her suggestions and she respected my opinions. And everything happened without any hindrance. There was never a clash of opinion as we were always on the same page," said Gurmeet at the special screening of 'Intezaar' in Mumbai.

Agreeing with her co-star, Sanaya stated, "I feel there is no space for discussions or arguments between actors on the sets. You have to focus on your director and what he wants. He is the captain of the ship; so you have to listen to him and deliver your best. As far as we are concerned, there were no differences or issues – that's because we share such a great rapport. When you see the other person (Gurmeet in this case) doing something for you…according to you, you willingly reciprocate. That's how we were able to pull it off with grace, and it's evident on the screen, I assume."

"I won't deny that our bonding helped us perform better, but we were pretty much working according to Mohit Suri sir's direction," she further said.

'Intezaar' revolves around the idea that not all love stories have a happy ending. Sometimes, unavoidable circumstances, misunderstandings, and bad timings lead to the end of a relationship. And in the video, Sanaya and Gurmeet beautifully brings out all those emotions that two people feel after parting ways.

"What usually happens with good non-film songs is that their videos are not given enough attention. But here, VYRL has tried to create a perfect amalgamation of good music and engaging video. They believed in something and pushed it beyond their limits. You will love the music video as much as the song. It's a heart-wrenching mini-story that will keep you glued to the screen. Coming together of Mohit Suri, Arijit Singh, and Mithoon to create a music video of this kind, out of non-film song, is commendable," concluded the actors.

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