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Twitter suspends account of Weinstein critic McGowan

 Agencies |  2017-10-13 15:18:20.0

Twitter suspends account of Weinstein critic McGowan

New York: Rose McGowan's Twitter account has been suspended, temporarily muting a central figure in the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

McGowan said recently that Twitter had suspended her from tweeting after the social media company said she broke its rules. On her Instagram account, McGowan said "there are powerful forces at work." "Be my voice," wrote McGowan.
McGowan's suspension caused an enormous backlash on social media, with many criticizing Twitter for a move that would silence an alleged victim of sexual harassment on its service.
Jessica Chastain and Anthony Bourdain were among those who questioned Twitter's action.
Representatives for Twitter declined to comment.
The New York Times earlier reported that McGowan was among the numerous women sexually harassed by Weinstein, who paid McGowan a financial settlement in 1997. That settlement included provisions about speaking about the case in the future.
While McGowan has avoided addressing her past with Weinstein directly, she has often seemingly referenced it. Last year she said that she had been raped by a "studio head."
After the New Yorker expose, McGowan tweeted "now I am allowed to say rapist."

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