'There's a quiet side to Ranveer too'

Deepika Padukone, who recently got married to the ‘Khilji’ of Bollywood talks about the month gone by, Ranveer, her wedding looks and what the future holds for her - in terms of career and married life

Theres a quiet side to Ranveer too

Actor Ranveer Singh is a people's person with "irrepressible energy", but there's a quiet side to his persona as well, says his actor wife Deepika Padukone after their "magical" wedding celebrations. In her first interview post their wedding, Deepika spoke to GQ magazine about the month gone by, Ranveer, her wedding looks and what the future holds for her. Deepika is one of the few people in the world that gets to see Ranveer without the cameras, the hyperbole and the flamboyance. What is he like?

"He is vulnerable, extremely emotional, very intelligent; childlike at times. That's not to say that his irrepressible energy isn't him, it's very him. He's a real people's person, but there's a quiet side to him too," Deepika said. "Emotionally, I think I'm the more intuitive one. I'd say IQ is more him. But at the same time, he's not all like, 'I'm a man, I can't show my emotions.' He is sensitive, and so am I, and it makes it easier to share a life with someone who understands that," she added. "I think the pictures we shared summed up the wedding – it was magical to have just family and friends there who mean something to you, who don't really care about who you are professionally, but are there because they love you for who you are as a person."

"It's going to be pretty challenging because I'll be producing and acting in Gulzar's next ­film. For the ­first time, I'll also be taking decisions with my director – we would've started work before I took off for the wedding, and will get back to it now. Also, setting up home," she said, about 2019.



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