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There are some wonderful parts for senior actors in Hollywood: Stephen Lang

New Delhi: Stephen Lang, famous as Colonel Miles Quaritch of Avatar and the blind man from Don't Breathe, feels that ageing in Hollywood is like wine –it gets better with the passage of time. The American actor says getting old doesn't come as a burden in showbiz because one gets "finer" in the craft.

The 65-year-old actor added that Hollywood is opening up to the idea of writing good roles for senior actors as he asserts "there is room for everything".
"I think so (that Hollywood has good roles for senior actors). I hope so. Personally, I feel that there are some wonderful parts out there for seniors. It is a good thing because the more senior you get, ideally speaking, the finer you become as a craftsman. So, hopefully they continue to write roles for us and hopefully I will continue to get some of them," Lang told recently.
"Many actors who I consider to be great artists are not kids. They are seniors. The whole paradigm is changing and there is room for everything," he added.
His portrayal in Broadway play Death of a Salesman led him to its TV version. Lang's resume is full of credible projects like Gettysburg, Public Enemies, Conan the Barbarian and Tombstone.
His roles as antagonist in James Cameron's film and Don't Breathe has earned him fame as well as critical acclaim.He is set to reprise his character in the upcoming parts of Avatar.
Asked what attracts him to twisted characters, Lang says it's their uniqueness."I don't know what attracts me to these kind of roles. To me, the role is different and I (will do) if they are being offered to me, they are unique, and they have a point of view that I think is good. There is a common thread, which is if I don't love them no one will."
For Lang, loving the character, despite its flaws, works.

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