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Taapsee undergoes intense prep for Game Over

Taapsee undergoes   intense prep for Game Over

Mumbai: Actor Taapsee Pannu says she had to mentally prepare a lot to play a wheelchair-bound woman dealing with a mysterious identity trying to invade her home in her film Game Over.

"Keeping the physical aspects aside, mentally a lot of things were new for me to experience. Like post traumatic stress, anniversary effect reactions and low self confidence... All these are emotions, I haven't experienced before and don't come to me naturally," Taapsee said.

"With the co-writer of the film, Kaavya Ramkumar, I could understand the logic behind all these effects and reactions and how to use them naturally in my performance. It needs to be controlled to right proportion to make it look believable."

Taapsee said since the film also addresses anxiety and nyctophobia (fear of darkness), she took the help of her co-writer "to understand how it really happens" and saw videos and documentaries addressing the problem.

Presented by Anurag Kashyap, the film will release June 14.

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