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Stardom comes with a price tag: Ankit

The popular singer who gave hits like 'Galliyan' understands that no matter how planned your steps are, controversies will hinder your career growth at some point

Ankit Tiwari's song 'Sun rha hai na tu…' became the love anthem for many soon after its release. While it was still stuck in our head, he came up with another melody titled 'Galliyan'. And then, there was no looking back for Ankit until his career growth was hindered by controversies. Things turned upside down when he went in the eye of the storm.

But Ankit feels it's part of an artist's life which he doesn't bother about anymore. "Controversies are the price tag that comes with stardom. No matter how planned your steps are, you cannot escape it. Every aspiring artist who wishes to carve a niche in this industry should accept the fact that controversies are waiting for you on the other side of the door," says Ankit whose recent release 'Bey Pinjara' went viral on Youtube within no time.

The ace singer, who is overwhelmed about releasing the first song on his YouTube channel, says, "I was surprised to see such a tremendous response from the audience. The kind of love I have received gave me a major boost to do better work. Surely I will make and upload more songs on Youtube for my fans."

Even during the rough patch of his career, Ankit didn't stop working. He gave his voice to songs like 'Piya More', 'Yaad Hai' 'Anthe Kada Mari' and more, which were appreciated but not as much as his previous works. About not meeting the expectations of his fan following, Ankit states that he always tries to give his 100 percent but sometimes thing don't work as expected. "However, I can assure you one thing that you will get to listen to some of my best works very soon."

While talking about the changes that need to come in the music industry, Ankit brings up another aspect that is worth the discussion. He mentions how face value is important even in the music industry.

"One problem with our industry is that face value matters the most. People listen to a song, it goes viral and become a chart-buster only if there is a popular mainstream hero dancing on the beats in its video. Also, such songs are launched on a big scale and therefore manages to garner the required attention," he says further questioning, 'Why do you think non-film music in our country is not as popular as the Bollywood music?"

"I already answered the question. And this is one major difference between India and western countries. And that is why music albums over there are major hits and films don't have any songs as such."

Despite the struggles and obstacles, Ankit is firm in his belief that he is here in the industry to stay. As of now, the singer is celebrating the success of his songs from the movie Kaashi in search of Ganga.

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