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Sienna Miller hated dating

Sienna Miller hated dating

London: Actor Sienna Miller doesn't like dating. She says she enjoyed being single for the first time after splitting from actor Tom Sturridge.

"It was about the first time in my life I'd ever been single. It was fine. I really like my own company," she said.

"I quite like being independent. But the dating thing, which I tried a couple of times? That I don't envy. I went on a couple of dates with people that I was set up with and... y'know," Miller told Britain's ELLE magazine, reports

Miller has been dating writer Lucas Zwirner for around a year and is pleased he isn't in the public eye.

She exclaimed: "He's not an actor! He's not famous!"

The famous 37-year-old star has been under scrutiny since her high-profile relationship with actor Jude Law.

Though she's thankful, at the same time the actor is also shocked that she managed to "get through" all the attention her personal life has attracted and has been able to carve out a successful career.

Talking about how her life turned out, Sienna happily stated: "I'm here today, a mother with a career. Looking back, I'm kind of amazed that I managed to get through it."

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