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'Reformed criminals must get a chance'

Mumbai: Reformed criminals must be given a chance to start their lives afresh, says multi-talented Bollywood celebrity Farhan Akhtar, who essays the role of a prisoner in his latest film Lucknow Central.

Farhan, who also sings in real life, is of the opinion that criminals, if reformed, must be accepted in society once they are out of the prison.
Asked if, as an individual, he would be open to employing a former prisoner in his company, Farhan said, "Well, we have to look at the larger picture. Yes, tomorrow if you are introducing me to someone saying he is looking for a job and had a criminal record, for a moment I might sit back and the thought might cross my mind that he was a criminal; I think that is only human. But we have to look at the larger picture for the betterment of our society. According to our laws, a person who commits a crime, goes to jail and, based on the severity and brutality of his crime, he serves a sentence – and comes out as a reformed individual.
"We have to understand they are all normal people and that the crime (may have) happened in a moment of madness. So, accepting these people in the mainstream of society could inspire many not to attempt crime and we can build a better society."

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