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Pratt in talks to star in Sheridan's thriller

Since the film carries a budget of $80 million, Warner Bros needed a star in order to give it the greenlight

Pratt in talks to star in Sheridans thriller

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 postponed, actor Chris Pratt is in negotiations to star in Taylor Sheridans next project. Sheridan is writing and directing the project, reports

The film, which David Heyman is producing, follows a former special forces commando (Pratt), who has been recruited by the DEA to lead a black ops strike team targeting drug dealers who are protected by

the CIA. The movie, which has the working title Fast, would be Sheridan's follow-up to his directorial debut 2017's Wind River.

Sheridan has been eyeing this as his next directorial effort for quite some time, meeting with top talent since summer to find the best actor for the job. Since the film carries a budget in the $70 million to $80 million range, Warner Bros. needed a star in order to give it the greenlight. The studio pumped the brakes on pre-production when Sheridan began work on the second season of his hit Paramount Network drama, Yellowstone.

The postponement actually worked in the movie's favor as Pratt has had not one, but two pics delayed, opening a slot in his busy schedule. The project gives Pratt yet another potential franchise. Pratt expressed immediate interest in the project upon meeting with Sheridan when the filmmaker was taking a break from production on Yellowstone.

Pratt continued his box office reign this year, starring in two of 2018's biggest film: Avengers: Infinity War and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.



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