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Drew Barrymore plans tattoo to celebrate show success

Actor Drew Barrymore might get a new tattoo to celebrate her hit Netflix show 'Santa Clarita Diet'.

The quirky zombie series has become the latest thing to binge-watch on the streaming service and the actor said filming it was a real wake-up call for her after her third marriage to Will Kopelman fell apart, reported Contactmusic.

"This is about a marriage. In my personal life, I was in a really low point and the script made me laugh and feel something. It took me out of my own world that wasn't super pleasant at the time."

"It was a safe place to spend my summer with Tim (Olyphant), who has been married for 25 years when my whole life was just falling apart," Barrymore said. The actor said she was excited to play a woman who was becoming empowered, losing weight and pulling herself together.

"Finding that when your life really does fall apart you don't ditch everything in it; you have to find these new roads. For me, it was a total metaphor for my life and I felt really lucky. I hadn't been working in years. This to me was such a lucky, fortunate thing."

"Timing is everything - that's the next tattoo I want to get, because it really is. This show took me out of my ... and made me a happier person. Also, I thought maybe other people want to be taken out of their unpleasant times and transported into something that's cool and different."

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