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Filming Split wasn't easy for James McAvoy

Actor James McAvoy, who plays Kevin, a man with multiple personalities, in Split, said he had to prepare himself to play nine roles for the movie. The 37-year-old star opened up about his experience while filming the psychological horror thriller, reported Contactmusic.

"I got the role quite late in the day, so I had to do nine times the amount of preparation in really less than half the time that I would usually get to prepare one character.

"The other thing that was interesting is that, apart from Kevin, all the other personalities that lived within the same body, they had a different kind of genesis than you or I.

You know, you or I are born because our parents did the do, but they're born out of a necessity to perform a pretty specific function within the larger group. That's because they each personify a certain quality or qualities that Kevin has," McAvoy said.
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