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Evans used Captain America doll to prank fans

Actor Chris Evans donned his Captain America avatar to prank his fans. The 35-year-old star collaborated with Omaze to surprise the people shopping in a comic book store in Massachusetts, which is his hometown, reported E! News.

The Captain America star and his team converted the shop into a room filled with riddles and puzzles to test participants. Through this initiative, Evans is bringing people together to take part in an Escape Room challenge so that the star is able to raise funds for a home shelter called Christopher's Haven. A Captain America doll was put up in the middle of the shop and hooked up to a speaker. Meanwhile, he hid in another room and spoke through the doll, which was a shocker for the fans and he asked if they were willing to participate in the challenge.

After grabbing their attention, the actor gave them a series of objectives to follow in Captain America style, which included hunting for a four-digit code, putting up masks and goggles and eventually finding the location of a hidden Hydra operative out on the Boston streets.

On discovering the hidden door in the store, the players moved into a dark basement, but there was a catch when their flashlights were cut off.

That Evans was waiting to reveal himself added to the dramatic appeal of the entire act.
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