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Naseeruddin talks of his role in 'Bandish Bandits'

Naseeruddin talks of his role in Bandish Bandits

Amazon Prime Video's upcoming show 'Bandish Bandits', which is to see a release on August 4, has a stellar star cast of Shreya Chaudhary playing the character of aspiring pop sensation Tamanna, Ritwik Bhowmik playing the character of classical music prodigy Radhe and Naseeruddin Shah playing the character of Radhe's guruji Pandit Radhe Mohan Rathod.

When asked in a recent interview if one of the reasons he agreed to do 'Bandish Bandits' was because his character had three shades, Naseeruddin replied, "Well that was one of the reasons but I also wanted to work with Anand. I have seen his work and his films and I have always liked it. So that was a reason I wanted to do this project."

The actor further added "The second reason was that I have always had a bit of a problem with singing on screen. 'Mirza Ghalib' helped me and this film really helped me to overcome my terror of playback singing and this was rather difficult because it had some pretty complicated ups and downs in the classical mold and I'm not very familiar with it, unlike Atul, who has had something of a background of classical music and I did not."

Shah continued, "So it was great fun to try to get the manner of a classical singer. The third thing is that he has not a goody-goody character, because normally the part that is written for elder actors are either wicked, schimning, munims or kindly, gentle, doctors or fathers or something like that."

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