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Linkin Park sets up Chester Bennington tribute site

Popular Rock band Linkin Park has set up a tribute site for singer Chester Bennington, who committed suicide earlier this week. The band set up the tribute site on Saturday, reports

The site featured a photograph of Bennington onstage, surrounded by the light from thousands of fans' phones, with the hashtag "#RIPCHESTER" and a message for people seeking help in crisis. It also features an area for fans to post messages in.
On Friday afternoon, the Los Angeles county coroner confirmed additional details about Bennington's death, who committed suicide on July 21.
The 41-year-old's body was found on Thursday at his home in a suburb of Los Angeles. A bottle of alcohol was also found in the room, though it was not near his body, the police said.
Investigators did not find a note in the room. An autopsy is pending.
Bennington had struggled with depression and substance abuse throughout his life. He also appeared to be deeply impacted by the loss of his good friend and singer Chris Cornell.

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