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Kristen Stweart on celebrity obsession

Kristen Stweart on celebrity obsession

Los Angeles: Kristen Stweart has said that she used to get "frustrated" when people would misunderstand her during her Twilight days.

Stewart brokeout along with actor Robert Pattinson with 2008 film Twilight which she followed up with subsequent sequels over the next five years. During that time, the 29-year-old actor said people thought that she was running after stardom.

"I used to be really frustrated that because I didn't leap willingly into being at the centre of a certain amount of attention, that it seemed like I was an a**hole. I am in no way rebellious. I am in no way contrarian. I just want people to like me," Stewart told Vanity Fair.

Post the Twilight movies, Stewart started focusing on smaller, independent films which resulted in some of her most critically-acclaimed works like Personal Shopper and Certain Women.

"It gave me a chance to not weigh something down. It was so much bigger than me. My baggage was so minuscule in comparison to what (Reichardt's and Assayas') story lines are, as filmmakers. I was finally given a chance to be looked at, not as this thing in this celebrity-obsessed culture, Stewart further


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