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Kate Beckinsale's stalker arrested

A man was detained at Tampa Bay Comic Con on suspicion of stalking actor Kate Beckinsale, who later made a scheduled celebrity guest appearance at the event.

Terry Lee Repp, a 45-year-old resident of Iowa, was taken into custody after he turned up at the Tampa Bay Convention Centre a couple of hours before Beckinsale was set to take the stage for a question and answer session, reports
Beckinsale filed a police report against him.
Police said in a statement that on Thursday Repp was seen at Centre during the Comic Con event and "has a history of following and harassing (Beckinsale) and came to Tampa in an effort to continue the harassing behaviour.
"Repp made physical contact with the victim during an event in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2016. During this encounter, Repp touched the victim's back and made a statement to the victim in reference to stabbing her," the statement said.
"In a continuing effort to harass the victim, Repp also travelled to Houston, Texas, in 2016 where (Beckinsale) she was attending an event. Repp was detained by the Houston Police Department and trespassed from the event."
"Repp appears to have an irrational obsession with her (Beckinsale) and has travelled across the country in an effort to harass her," the statement further read.

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