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Jeremy Renner feels isolated working on big movies

Actor Jeremy Renner said he felt isolated working on big budget movies like the Avengers.

The 46–year–old actor plays Hawkeye, or Clint Barton, in the Marvel Studios film series but said when he was on set, he was very focused on his own scenes and the directors were responsible for pulling it all together at the end, reported Collider.
Asked how the experience on the big budget movie compares to that of a smaller indie film, he said, "You don't even get to see a whole script or anything (with Avengers).
"It's kind of you just do what you do and you do it with whoever you're doing it with, and that's it.
"And you trust the directors and writers that are good what they're doing. So, yeah. You just kind of go enjoy doing what you do with your deal, but it's not like you're ... It's a different movie. A different audience. They're equally fun to do and equally rewarding. It's just I get a little bit more satisfaction from the filming process on movies that require more complexity I suppose."
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