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James Cameron's dreams inspire his films

London: Filmmaker James Cameron has revealed he uses his dreams as an inspiration for his movies. The 62-year-old director said he helmed some of the most successful movies of all time, including Avatar, from the ideas that struck him in his sleep, reported FemaleFirst.

"The Terminator came from a dream of a kind of death figure, a chrome skeleton emerging from a fire. A lot of the root imagery I had in Avatar came from dreams I had when I was still in college of a bioluminescent forest. "Sometimes I'll wake up from a nightmare and think, gosh, that was good, I can make a movie about that," Cameron told Metro newspaper.
Cameron claimed he has been working non-stop for nearly three years on the franchise, inspite of being repeatedly delayed.
"I start working with the cast in September but I haven't had a day off for several months and I've been working at it pretty much full-time for three years. So that's design, writing four scripts that are worthy of the kind of budgets/audience expectations that would make it worthwhile, designing an entire world, completely
revamping our virtual production pipeline and building the actual facilities," he said.

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