'It's a good time for upcoming artists'

Its a good time for upcoming artists

New Delhi: Singer Kailash Kher says it is a good time for upcoming musicians and artistes as they can reach out to their audiences through websites like YouTube without having to make a music album first. The founder and lead singer of band Kailasa, Kher, said that young musicians no longer have to wait for a break as they can create their own music and become famous.

"Since we started as 'Kailasa' in 2006, we have seen a change. There was a slight drop in non-film, Indie music but it has gotten better with YouTube and OTT services. "Anyone can make a video and create an audience for themselves. The confidence in young artistes has increased because of such websites," he said. While such websites provide newcomers with a platform, Kher said that not everyone is talented and viewers have to choose what they want to watch.

"Everyone has creative energy, when it is used positively you find Indus valley and Indus river, and when it is used negatively you get a sewage drain. Both are flowing, but there is a difference." "Internet has everything to offer, it is you who has to decide which way you want to go. Now people are slowly getting interested in quality content," the 45-year-old singer said.



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