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'It symbolises unity'

It symbolises unity

Every millennial who developed a knack for EDM over the last decade would agree that Alan Walker played a great role in generating that interest in them. As a treat for his Indian fans, this legendary artiste and record producer is set to bring the first leg of the 'Aviation Tour' into South Asia with his first ever Arena tour in the country.

The British-born Norwegian artist will be performing his hit tracks, as well as music from his first album 'Different World', which dropped at the end of 2018 during the 13th edition of Asia's largest music festival, Sunburn.

We caught up with Alan ahead of his show in Delhi, on December 8, to know about his expecatations from the India tour and more...

Welcome to India. Your first song, 'faded' gained immense popularity worldwide. What was the idea behind the composition?

Thanks for having me! Faded was originally an instrumental called 'fade' that I made at home in my bedroom producer setup. I guess I had a lot of inspiration from YouTube and other producer-artists that started to grow in this time period. Then we later added lyrics and Iselin's voice on the track, which turned in to 'faded'.

You were into programming and graphic designing earlier without any musical background. What made you venture into the field of music?

Yes, and I really still love graphic design and programming – and do it all the time. When I first got interested in music, I did not expect it to be my field, I just had a lot of fun and wanted to learn how it was done.

How does it feel to have your music as the anthem of the most popular game across India in recent times – PubG?

Feels great. I love PUBG Mobile and play it all the time on tour.

What are your expectations from the India Tour?

Hopefully the crowd is excited to see the show, and we'll have a lot of fun together.

You use a hoodie and a face mask whenever you perform on stage. What's the reason behind it?

It's symbolises unity, and that anyone could be "Alan Walker". I am just a regular guy who got lucky, and that's the idea behind it.

You have done many live shows. Can you tell us one distinct experience that you would treasure?

Yes, over 600, I think. Playing in Oslo Spektrum a couple of weeks ago was amazing. Other than that, the big shows like Coachella and Tomorrowland was huge for me.

Can you name a few artists who made you believe in your music?

Hans Zimmer is one of my biggest inspirations. I love his work.

You were very young when you had your breakthrough. What is it like to have reached number one in the charts at such a young age?

Surreal. I did not expect it, at all. I was just a normal guy who didn't bring too much attention to himself.

Your message for our readers

Hi Indian fans! I am so ready to bring my aviation tour to your cities soon. Really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

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