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I love to experiment with roles, says Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma, who has proved her caliber as an actor in movies like ‘Commando 3’, ‘Chuha Billi’ and ‘Pati Patni Panga’, is glad that directors are now thinking of her while writing good roles

I love to experiment with roles, says Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma is a busy bee and is constantly on the move. Her film 'Chuha Billi', streaming on OTT platforms, has got good reviews and she too is getting appreciation for the depiction of Katrina - a character who battles mental illness in the film.

Talking about the difficult role, Adah said, "I play Katrina, who is an actress like me. But the similarities between us stop right there. In real life, I'm a very positive person and Katrina only exudes negativity. It was very exciting to play someone, who is completely opposite to what I am."

The young actress is not afraid to take risks in life. She made her debut in '1920', a horror film directed by Vikram Bhatt. "Selling fear is quite a challenge. I was fortunate to get a movie like '1920' as my debut film. After its release, no one ever questioned my acting potential," she said.

After dabbling in horror in her very first film, she didn't face many problems playing Katrina in 'Chula Billi'. "We did a few workshops. In the whole film, I'm sitting on just one sofa in the same spot. The director said that the sofa is your stage. I had to keep the audience entertained for the entire movie sitting on one spot. To creep out people, we needed to look authentic. We needed to be subtle and crazy enough. It is a fine line," said Adah.

The Mumbai girl also played a transgender woman in 'Pati Patni Panga' (PPP). I am glad that directors are thinking of me while writing such roles. 'PPP' was like a superhero-kind of a movie, in which one woman is fighting the entire trans-phobic society.

While choosing a project, Adah looks for a couple of things including a good role, a great script and a director, who plans well and knows what he is doing.

"I've been very fortunate that the films I have done in the south have all been big hits. I guess it feels nice if any film of any language does well because we are making films for the audience. So, if they appreciate, there is nothing more you can ask for," said the girl, who plans to work in more language films.

"The language has now become secondary. It's my dream to do films in all languages. First, I want to cover films in all Indian languages and then in foreign languages. Till now, I've done Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. I have done a Punjabi music video, which got popular," counts Adah.

The actress adds, "I have always said that for someone like me, who is not from the industry, it is difficult to get good roles. Once I get a good role, then those struggles don't count much. I wait to get the good roles. I'm really happy that the directors are thinking of me when they are conceiving difficult roles."

After trying out horror, comedy is a genre she enjoys. Adah considers herself fortunate to be part of the 'Commando' franchise. "It is one of the biggest we have in India. Here, I get to do action and comedy as a girl, say sarcastic dialogues along with being the leading lady of the film," she said.

Adah, whose father was in the merchant navy, also loves learning martial arts. "I learnt 'silambam' for 'Commando 3' and now I'm quite good at it. Later, I picked up playing the 'nunchaku' during the lockdown and Vidyut (Jammwal) taught me few very cool moves. It is an easy thing to carry when I'm travelling for shoots. After shoots I practice that, which is also very relaxing for me," said the bubbly actress.

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