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'I have been a scapegoat of their defamatory comments'

I have been a scapegoat of their defamatory comments

Comedian Krushna Abhishek had recently expressed his hurt and displeasure at his star-uncle Govinda's attitude. Hitting back through a press release, Govinda said, "I read the news on the front page of a leading daily about my nephew Krushna Abhishek not performing on a popular television show as I was invited as a guest there. Later he went ahead and stated in the media about his belief in our relationship. This statement had defamatory comments and was issued with only a little thought. It had a snowball effect as it was voyeuristic in nature."

Govinda further added that he had been made into a scapegoat, and said, "Be it Krushna or Kashmera, I have been a scapegoat of their defamatory comments and statements against me frequently. I do not understand why this slander is being done repetitively and what is it that they are gaining from the same. I strongly believe that washing dirty linen in public is an indication of insecurity and allows outsiders to take advantage of a family's misunderstandings."

"Through this statement, I would like to mention that I shall maintain a graceful distance from now onwards. And since I am so bad as mentioned in the media reports, I urge those who dislike me to do the same. Every family has misunderstandings and problems, but to discuss them in the media may cause irreparable damage and I dislike the same," stated Govinda.

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