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'I am still struggling'

Having played versatile roles in her career, Apte still hopes to learn more. Irrespective of the medium, she is looking for opportunities that would strengthen her acting skills

The 33-year-old actor Radhika Apte, who has appeared on multiple platforms in the past year says that her struggle being an actor isn't over yet.

From working with Akshay Kumar in Padman, appearing in various TV series till recently working in a Sriram Raghavan's directorial – Andhadun, Radhika has certainly carved out a niche for herself.

Talking about her early challenges, Radhika said, "My struggles aren't over yet, I am still struggling. I don't think I am a star yet. Even if I am, I think the struggle doesn't end. Whatever step you are at, there is a struggle to go higher, the struggle to maintain, to keep going."

"If you reach a point where you have got everything you will struggle with the fear of failure, of losing. There is always a point where you will have a downfall and you will have to start again," she added.

Apte has essayed unconventional roles on screen. She has carefully chosen the kind of work that appealed to her and hasn't shied away from turning down some offers. So, how does it feel to be this picky?

"I would agree to that. I am very picky and I say no to a lot of things, so it might seem easy but the saying no, discarding things is really difficult. Because the insecurity is always there. The competition is not decreasing, it is increasing like multiple times. Despite feeling insecure, saying no to certain things is very important. I think I am learning that because this is what I need in a long run," elaborated the Padman actor.

Radhika has worked in so many projects and after a certain point actors do feel weighed down by the expectations audiences have from them. Radhika feels no such pressure.

"I don't think I have any pressure of anyone's expectations because I am a human too and I also have got the right to fail. So, people can say whatever they want to if I fail. I really don't care about that. I think one should feel okay to fail as this gives a reason to take risks, I would not be able to take risks and explore more if I had the fear of failing," she said.

On being asked about her future plans after the film Andhadun, Radhika stated: "So, I am at a point where I do not know where to go ahead, what to do. I have two upcoming projects for next year, I will be occupied with work. Yet, I am waiting for my 'something special'. I am desperately looking for something very specific. I don't have that in my mind but yes it should be very challenging and inspiring to me in every way."

"It requires a lot of pressure to wait for the right thing to come your way. So, the pressure of saying no to maximum things and yet being patient and calm to wait for the right thing to strike is the true pressure for me right now," she further elaborated

Appearing in so many projects, the actor said that she is also learning to take a break besides working in order to discover her own self.

After her performance in Ghoul, Vikramaditya Motwane with whom, Radhika worked in the Netflix series 'Sacred Games' – called her the 'Rajkummar Rao of 2018'. Responding to that she said, "Let him first make a 'Trapped' with me and then I will see if I can be Rajkummar Rao" The actor also shows her keen interest in working with Motwane and Rao, be it together as a team or individually.

After the first look of her Netflix series 'Ghoul' came, a wave of trolls came for Radhika saying "she is omnipresent". Talking about how trolls and memes affect her as an actor, Radhika told that she doesn't respond to such things at all.

"They have never and won't affect me in any way. They say 'Radhika is present everywhere', so I think that is a good thing to say about me as an actor. Even to make a meme, they have to watch the series or the film, so it is good if they are watching my work. They said I am everywhere because they are watching everything I am doing. So, I feel it is a good thing," she stated.

On her selection of work, Apte said that she doesn't choose projects on the basis of platforms, if someone has a good script or a role to offer me, I am okay doing it. Therefore, she will be working in both Bollywood and internet or any other platform till she gets good scripts.

Apte has no aspirations of becoming a superstar. "I only aspire to do good work for myself and the audience," she said.

After giving a small yet significant performance in Andhadhun, directed by Sriram Raghavan, Radhika will be next seen in the Gauravv K. Chawla's directorial Bazaar alonside Saif Ali Khan and Chitrangada Singh.

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