'I am not afraid to be forgotten as an actor'

I am not afraid to be forgotten as an actor

Life changed for Gajraj Rao with the success of Badhaai ho – biggest entertainer of 2018. Overwhelmed with all the attention and love he is receiving, Rao talks about the first time he witnessed hustle-bustle of movie promotions, and how he was apprehensive about participating in the interviews. "I was never called for movie promotions before Badhaai ho, and so I was clueless about the amount of effort and time that goes in the process. It's a crazy scene where everybody is on their toes," he says adding, "I was not confident about all of this, until I met people who were actually interested in talking to me. Thereafter I started enjoying every part of the promotions thoroughly."

Rao is currently at the peak of his acting career, but he has no fears of being forgotten by the audience. "Being a human, I might feel a little bad about losing this love and popularity. Having said that, I am aware of the fact that time changes everything."

Rao feels that he is getting all the attention because his performance in Badhaai ho is still fresh in people's mind, but "one doesn't know for how long it will actually last," he states.

"I am willing to do something as good as Badhaai ho, but if I don't get such an opportunity again, I won't be disappointed. All I know is that I am extremely happy at this moment because not everybody gets to enjoy what I am experiencing right now."

Rao tries to come up with new responses every time he is interviewed. This time, he tries to explain his point with the example of rabbit and turtle. "The story of rabbit and turtle has always inspired me in some way or the other. I want to be that turtle who walks slowly but steadily. I prefer taking my time, making right choices, and leading a happy life. I don't want to be in a race where you celebrate the momentary happiness and thereafter live in oblivion."

The actor has many substantial roles to his credit in critically acclaimed movies like Talvaar and Blackmail, but it was Badhaai ho which brought him into the limelight. Before that, all he was applauded with was the tag of an 'underrated actor'. Does that bother him in any way? Rao says, "I take it very lightly because people who are giving me those tags are appreciating me and my work."

Ending conversation on a positive note, Rao says, "I strongly believe in destiny. I think that certain things in life are not in your control, no matter how hard you work to achieve it. Also, to be at the right place at the right time is what drives you to success. If few years back I would have got a film like Badhaai Ho, it would have been amazing. But I am not sure that success of the movie, back then, would have turned everything in my favour."

Syeda Eba

Syeda Eba

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