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'I am an artist, not an activist'

I am an artist, not   an activist

Mumbai: Whether it is her rendition of the Punjabi folk song 'Ambarsariyaan', her Odiya folk song 'Rangabati' or the recent 'Tori Surat', Sona Mohapatra has managed to make her space as a singer and independent stage performer over the past 13 years.

While her strong opinions on inequality in the music industry and her lending a voice to #MeToo movement have dragged her into controversy, Sona says her outspoken nature does not make her an activist but a true-blue artiste.

Sona said: "People tend to think that way because I question and constantly express my opinions on things that have been practiced for ages without being questioned. Patriarchy is one such practice. But I am not an activist. I am an artist to the core. I have three hours of live concert where people sing along and engaging with me. People could have walked away from the gig if I would have given 'gyaan' all the time."

Emphasising the power of art, Sona said: "For me, a true artist is the one who can provide a critical and alternative vision. An artist is someone who starts a debate, a counter opinion on a dogmatic practice."

Sona has produced a film titled Shut Up Son directed by Deepti Gupta that has been showcased under the Spotlight category at the Jio MAMI 21st Mumbai Film Festival with Star. The story of Sona's documentary revolves around the journey of the singer and how her outspoken nature put her into trouble every single day.

The film also shows her constant drive to create music and how Sona has carved a distinct voice in the music


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